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We are a group of active sports people who since 2015 focused on refining the clothes for extreme sport, which is Paragliding and Skydiving. By constantly engaging in testing and striving for excellence, TryFly has made our clothing around the world extremely popular. At present we have the highest quality equipment and tailor-made garments that are not the best brand in the world. We approach each of our clients very individually.

Many of our employees also practice winter sports, hence the idea for QUEVOO.COM

We also have the ability to personalize even from 1 piece.
All our products are carefully manufactured which can be seen in the video material below. 

Where is our company from/located?

JFK DESIGN is located in Poland

City : Chorzow

Street : Armii Krajowej 53c

postcode : 41506

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FaceBook : Tryfly Extreme Shop

Whatsapp : +48 574 949 321

Instagram : @tryfly_airwear